Do you carry inventory?

GameProducts.Com does not carry or stock game inventory. We advertise and promote products that we believe are top quality from reputable merchants. We are an affiliate marketer and we earn commissions from merchants that we promote via product pages, merchant promotions, product information content including images and descriptions, banner links, and text links. All purchases that our visitors may make are through the merchant’s website and therefore governed under their policies. We encourage our visitors to read our policies to understand our role as an affiliate. More can be read under our affiliate disclosure.

Do you offer game reviews?

Yes. We also act as an online magazine and publish game reviews and articles where our visitors can read our unbiased opinion on games and gaming products that also include insights and features of the products. We do not review every game we promote and we review many games we do not promote. The articles we publish are on various topics including educational games, online game playing platforms, and system features and game play.

How often do you publish content or update this website?

Our publishing schedules vary but we do update this website frequently promoting new products and publishing new reviews and articles. 

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